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Welcome to the New Mexico Drug Recognition Expert Program

Welcome to the New Mexico Drug Recognition Expert Program

Welcome to the New Mexico Drug Recognition Expert ProgramWelcome to the New Mexico Drug Recognition Expert ProgramWelcome to the New Mexico Drug Recognition Expert Program

2019 New Mexico D.R.E. of the Year


January 7th, 2020


The New Mexico DRE Program would like to recognize a New Mexico Officer who has gone above and beyond in holding drug impaired drivers accountable in 2019. The New Mexico DRE Committee has selected Officer Ricky Dominguez, of the Bosque Farms Police Department, as the Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) of the Year for 2019.

Officer Dominguez conducted the most enforcement evaluations in New Mexico in 2019. His evaluations alone accounted for 10% of all evaluations conducted within the State.

Officer Dominguez has a 100% accuracy rate in determining the specific drug category (or categories) a suspected drug impaired driver is under the influence of, as correlated by toxicology results. 

Officer Dominguez, as a new Drug Recognition Expert, continues to seek out opportunities to learn and advance his knowledge, as he simultaneously gains experience in the field of drug impairment through his hard work. He has already established credibility for himself as a DRE, as well as the DRE Program in the Courts within his jurisdiction. 

Officer Dominguez is assigned to the Patrol Division and is responsible for coordinating checkpoints within his jurisdiction, in addition to his normal Patrol duties. He is often called upon for his assistance in impaired driving investigations by fellow Officers from his own, and surrounding jurisdictions. Officer Dominguez has been a certified Drug Recognition Expert since 2018. He has 13 years of Law Enforcement experience and has been with the Bosque Farms Police Department for just over two years. 

Officer Dominguez will be recognized at the New Mexico DRE Committee Meeting and has been invited to attend the 26th Annual Conference on Drugs, Alcohol and Impaired Driving in San Antonio, Texas in August 2020.

Thank you, Officer Dominguez, for your dedication in keeping New Mexico’s roadways safe! 

SFST/DWI Instructor of the Year 2019

December 4th, 2019

 Corporal Patrick Bryant (Carlsbad Police Department) was recognized by  Southwest Training Consultants as the 2019 New Mexico SFST Instructor of  the Year. Corporal Bryant has been a DRE since 2015 and a DRE  Instructor in New Mexico since 2018. Congratulations Corporal Bryant on  your accomplishment, and thank you for everything you do to help #ENDWI




OCTOBER 24th, 2019

 This  evening two of our very own New Mexico DRE instructors were recognized  by Mothers Against Drunk Driving for their incredible work in combating  impaired drivers and going above and beyond towards our overall goal to  #ENDWI.
Congratulations Lieutenant Joel Holt (Rio Rancho Police) for receiving  MADDs ‘Outstanding Drug Recognition Expert’ Award and Officer Tim  McCarson (Albuquerque Police) for receiving  MADDs ‘Outstanding Enforcement Officer of the Year’ Award!! Both  Lieutenant Holt and Officer McCarson are incredibly dedicated and  devoted to making our roadways safe and the DRE program in New Mexico is  incredibly appreciative and grateful to them for sharing their  knowledge and experiences to Law Enforcement Officers around the State!

2018 New Mexico D.R.E. of the Year



                                                                          Officer Brian Hobbs                                                          

                                                                       New Mexico State Police


                                                                           Sergeant Joel Holloway                                                          

                                                                          New Mexico State Police